About Us

Fluitec's Mission

Fluitec examines the cause-effect relationship between stresses on a machine and the fluid contained within. Our core competency is the understanding of oxidative stress and the monitoring of antioxidants. Our mission is to be the world leader in data collection, analysis, and mitigation of these stresses. Fluitec values truth, knowledge, long-life, wellness, high performance and individuality in its employees, products and services and delivers these values to our customers.

Fluitec is made up of a team of internationally recognized experts with a track record for delivering innovative solutions. Our expertise centers around increasing the reliability and profitability of manufacturing plants, rotating equipment and transportation industries. We accomplish this by combining our deep knowledge of contamination control and condition monitoring sciences with smart data analytics technologies.

Fluitec's clean technology solutions also deliver environmental benefits to our customers. Most sustainability initiatives require sizeable investments or government support to make them financially justifiable. Fluitec provides high level, rapid return investments that allow our customers to merge economics with sustainability.

Some of The Verticals Where Fluitec Provides Solutions Are:

  • Fossil, Nuclear and Hydro-fueled Power Plants - Increased life performance of critical lubricating systems.
  • Wind Energy - Advanced data analytics to slash operating and maintenance costs.
  • Manufacturing - Improved reliability of rotating equipment and hydraulic systems through advanced contamination control solutions.
  • Petrochemical & Refining - Lower operating costs by improving equipment energy efficiencies and system monitoring technologies.
  • Fuel - Ensuring contaminant free diesel and biofuels to improve fuel economy and engine reliability.
  • Purchasing Pre-owned Equipment - Insight into equipment health to make more intelligent purchasing decisions.
  • Laboratories - Innovative technologies for monitoring antioxidant health and fluid deposit tendencies.
  • Industrial Gases - Apply our technologies to maximize up-time and availability in facilities that make industrial gases, including critical compressor trains.
  • Fluitec currently has technology deployed in over fifty countries spanning five continents. Our team relentlessly pursues improved profitability for our customers. Join our family to realize these benefits for your operation.