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Fluitec Wind is a condition monitoring service that uses existing data. Rather than require novel expensive data streams, as other condition monitoring services, we gather turbine level data since commission and use this to profile the risk to the components. This is extremely low cost and small footprint with unparalleled predictive accuracy. Our one service, is decoupled (ETL, Analytics, Visualization) and has two distinct roles (Predictive Work Order Generation and Data Representation)

The slide we most often show our customers is the steps whereby we provide our product, and accordingly a customer can choose to only go to a certain step:


Each operator, OEM, ISP, or similar has existing systems in place. We help augment those systems. Our products solve the following:

  1. ETL. We clean, structure, and provide reliable data from your dirty, raw, disaggregated, data in PDF, Excel, etc formats. An issue in data use is that it is disaggregated and spread across on organization. A key issue is that this data is unreliable and needs to be vetted for use. Not all raw data should be used equally, some data is more valuable than others. We provide both an aggregation of All data, and separately, only the usable data. Thus your internal operations now have the ability to benefit from data rules constructed from thousands of turbines.
  2. Analytics. We have proprietary algorithms which take your usable data to identify risks and opportunities. This encompasses both operational risk and financial risk. We can specifically report where risk exists on your fleet and how to mitigate them.
  3. Cloud based portal. Using our web portal customers have a CRM/Facebook-like tool to view the data from each of their assets. The service creates reactive, predictive, and user-generated work orders. Putting aside the high value in predicting the function of these assets, being able to view production data, work orders, SCADA alerts, temperatures, sensors, etc in an intuitive cloud-based portal has deep value for many customers. Most times this expensive to produce data sits abandoned. We are now able to view this data just as we view a CRM, Facebook, Linkedin. Providing high value to the right users.

Our saleable products exist to be customized for each use case. Pick a size that fits you.


Menu Item


Cost (per MW per Year)



Data ETL

Aggregated, cleaned, classified, usable data available for download.

  • Access to processed data in user specified format (default is MS Excel).
  • Output is a product of intense extract, transform, load procedures that take a customer’s raw data of many types and correctly classifies and structures for additional processing.
  • Flagging of “illogical” data points so that customer gets an actionable data set
  • Option to receive dataset with “inputted” value, where raw data is missing


1000 MW or All Available


Web Dashboard (includes Data ETL)

Includes Data ETL 

Online, cloud based, interactive lens to all turbine data and dynamic work order system.

Taking the best from social networking and financial reporting, this tool provides an efficient method to effectively act upon all turbine level data. Each user has a customized home page whereby they will view the performance of their assets. All available data is intuitively displayed and is interactive. Users are able to comment, assign priority, and address reactive, predictive, user-generated, and previous work orders.

  • Facilitates communication within sites and departments on asset performance and scheduling.
  • Reactive work orders are produced in real-time to inform of failures and issues.
  • User-generated work orders can be created and assigned to a specific user.
  • Continuously updating visualization of production and SCADA data. Ability to compare to a host of user defined peer sets.
  • Data exploration tools allow exploration of cleaned and classified diagnostic and operational data. Ability to compare to a host of user defined peer sets.


1000 MW or All Available

Add on to 1 or 2

Oil Change Metric

Only available for Customers of Data ETL or Web Dashboard.  

Use of Raw Oil Analysis has near zero value. Our advanced analytics creates an oil health metric based on 30,000 years of gearbox oil history. We clearly recommend where oil change, flush, filter change, and similar lube system actions must take place. On average this extends the oil life in a fleet by almost 1 year. Saving thousands of dollars over the life of each turbine.



200 MW

Add on to 1 or 2


(includes Oil Change Metric)

Only available for Customers of Data ETL or Web Dashboard.  

Key component risk prediction provided in real time and/or as a one-time actionable report. Will have the option to receive component risk assessments for the blades, pitch hydraulic system, the yaw system, and the generator system components.


One-time actionable report of key components provided at user specified time; designed for usage by Technicians to steer maintenance decisions. Available 7 days after request. Such assessments include targeting of optimal products or services, recommendation on data sampling or inspection, and similar maintenance and operations recommendations that will optimize life expectancy while reducing costs. Specifically each component is assessed on the likelihood of a catastrophic failure that would lead to an unscheduled replacement.



200 MW

Add on to Analytics


Only available for Customers of Analytics 

Option for a Pay for Performance Guarantee that adjusts the yearly fee based on accuracy of drivetrain predictions.


200 MW

Add on

Expert Consulting


4 hours



Operator with 800 MW of installed capacity.

Package 1: $31,200 per year for Data ETL services for 800MW

Package 2: $39,200 per year for Data ETL services and Web Dashboard access for 800MW

Package 1 with Analytics on 400MW: $31,200/yr plus $59,600/yr for Data ETL services for 800 MW and Analytics on 400 MW

Package 2 with Analytics on 800MW: $39,200/yr plus $119,200/yr for Data ETL services and Web Dashboard and Analytics on 800MW. 

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