New Analytics Platform

On October 1 we launched the latest version of our Analytics Platform!  Available now to all existing customers at  The new portal offers intuitive visualization of operational and diagnostic data alongside targeted recommendations to reduce costs.

Original Features

All of the data analyses and display tools (Cross Filter, Parallel Coordinates, Component Analyzer, Query Wizard) focused on gearbox lubrication attributes remains active at  This is a powerful tool for the in house expert.

New Features

A large problem for asset managers is to keep track of hundreds of machines and thousands of data points.  Our new home page simplifies this task by displaying operational alarms and events based on a tuned relevance algorithm.  This news feed helps an asset manager or technician prioritize and act cost effectively.

The ability to communicate on data and effectively assign tasks across the organization is difficult.  We have developed a set of comment features which will enable onsite and offsite operations personnel to communicate and address issues.  With that conversation stored for future usage, a technician on one wind farm can share insights on problem solving with technicians on other sites.

The portal allows the customer to filter and display data for each wind turbine at chosen intervals.

Wind (6)

Under Development

Our program is always developing and we are in the process of implementing a work-order feature that will also alert site personnel via email of condition changes and issues on the site.  This system will work along with, not replace the existing system at the site. This feature can automate the work-order process.  We want to make the existing process run a lot smoother and cut down on the time site personnel spends initiating, completing and uploading work-orders.

The most prominent aspect of changes we will offer to a customer’s work-order system lies in the addition of “predictive work orders” that supplement the traditional /reactive work-orders derived from SCADA alerts.  Our Big Data Analytics will suggest actions which will diminish the likelihood of future major component (gearbox, generator, yaw, hydraulic pitch, and blades) failures/replacements.

Our Analytics Platform exists to increase the profitability of wind power generation.  We will be continually updating and improving our analytics and the portal through which our customers detect and act to mitigate maintenance issues.  If you are not already a customer please reach out for a demonstration.

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