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How to Value Predicting the Future

Predicting the future has historically been a fools’ errand. A modern day Nostradamus would have terrible reviews. But as a society we depend on predictions all the time: be that checking the weather to know what shoes to wear to getting regular screenings for life threatening diseases. These predictions of risk come with their own set of risks, but are vastly superior to their substitutes. In the following I…


Big Data solves Signal to Noise

We get a lot of questions from potential customers. The one question that tells us that we have not explained properly is: “our data is too dirty; the consistency in sampling oil was not great at one of our sites until a new best practice was established.  I suspect you cannot do much if “garbage” info is inputted.” This is like telling a home cleaning company: “sorry, we don’t need…

Product Launch

The best TriboAnalytics yet.

We have launched the best version of TriboAnalytics yet. Updated similarity based modeling with unparalleled predictive accuracy. Based on the similarity of your genetic and diagnostic data to poor performing turbines (e.g. fingerprint analysis), you are able to quickly find which of your gearboxes “act” the most like failing gearboxes. A predictive tool that gives you a hypothesis of risk that you can further vet in our other tools. Cross…

Press Release

FW Speaking at Dallas O&M Summit & IWEA this Spring

Come meet us at the Wind Energy Update O&M Summit in Dallas or at the Iowa Wind Energy Association Conference in Des Moines over this next month. Amar will be speaking on How to Apply Big Data Analytics in the Wind Industry. This is a great opportunity to hear the latest findings in application of machine to machine learning / artificial intelligence to reduce the cost of operating a wind…


Analytics: Is Weibull Bull?

Weibull analysis is a common methodology to forecast machine health and reliability. A Weibull distribution is similar to a Normal/Gaussian or Poisson distribution: it is a probability distribution curve to describe the likelihood of an event. “Grading on a curve” falls into this category. Many wind turbine operators assume that to understand health, a best practice method is to slap on a Weibull distribution. By doing so, they believe, they…

Product Launch

Moving on Up: Updated Upload Portal!

We took your feedback and created a snazzy upload portal to help further ease our customers delivery of secure data. Take a look. Login: prerelease Password: prerelease We think it is extremely functional as a standalone way to send raw data files to a common point. We simply ask our customers to dump the raw data on us, do as little processing as possible, and make it our problem….


Data Science Ain’t Easy, but Someones Gotta do It

If you are reading this blog, you are in agreement that data has a lot of value if used correctly. And you probably agree that wind turbines produce a lot of valuable data. For many wind turbine operators the immediate next thought is, “great, we can do this ourselves!”. This somewhat boggles our mind. Independently conducting data analytics is akin to a doctor on an isolated Pacific island with <800…


What Data is Important and Why?: Making Your Data Our Problem

So, you are sold on Fluitec Wind, data mining, and can’t wait to get started! Now what? It’s time to gather your raw data, and dump it on us. We want to make this process as easy for you as possible: we don’t want you to do anything but pull raw data, and send it our way. We break down the data types into 3 buckets: Genetic Operational Diagnostic Every…