Endure IX

Filtration is a critical step in phosphate ester maintenance. Endure IX is a proprietary technology the removes all forms of phosphate ester degradation products. In addition to all types of acids, the absorption media removes phenolic alcohols which are responsible for varnish formation in EHC systems.


The technology does not leach metals into the fluid, as experienced with other acid scavenging medias. In fact, it eradicates dissolved metals left behind from using Fuller's Earth or Activated Alumina. In addition, Endure IX increases the resistivity of your phosphate esters to new fluid levels..

The replacement filters can be conveniently monitored and scheduled for replacement using the RULER technology (ASTM D6971), providing an earlier indicator of media saturation than acid number..


Endure IX filters are a robust design with sizes to fit into the OEM housings of your EHC systems..


Fluitec's mission is to maintain your phosphate ester fluid in peak condition for as long as possible; even for the life of your plant.