ESP Varnish Mitigation

ESP is the only customized solution for a complex problem.

With the Fluitec Electrophysical Separation Process (ESP), you can have clean oil and a varnish-free system. And once ESP restores your oil, the fluid will begin removing the varnish that's already been collecting in your system. Bearings, gears and valves that have a damaging layer of varnish are returned to clean condition, eliminating unplanned outages and improving your plant's reliability. ESP will give new life to your lubricants and long life to your machinery.

The World's Leading - and smartest - varnish solution.
Success Spanning 5 Continents.

ESP is a proven technology that is embraced by a wide range of industries and organizations throughout the globe. One of the reasons is that our technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Smart, customized media selection has helped Fluitec to become the most trusted name in lube varnish mitigation.

Here's how it all works:

As oil in your machinery breaks down, it produces soft contaminants both in solution and in suspension. It's these contaminants that ultimately cause varnish.

The Fluitec ESP system captures these contaminants by virtue of a special chemical filter that works on the principles of chemisorption and adsorption. Depending on the contaminants you're trying to control, this filtering media can be customized to remove the exact contaminants you need to control.

ESP removes degradation species in the oil before they have a chance to form deposits and damage your systems. Once the oil has been cleaned, over time the circulating oil removes existing deposits throughout the system.

Expertise built into each system.

Years of research and experience is the foundation of ESP technology.

For years, researchers at Fluitec have looked deep into the root causes of varnish build-up and its impact on business and industry. In fact, we may understand the chemistry of oil degradation better than anyone. Our hard work in this field has led us to the development of ESP, the world's most advanced varnish mitigation technology.

Varnish chemistry is complex.

It's hard to believe something as simple as varnish, the sticky residue created by the decay of both mineral and synthetic lubricants, can bring an entire operation to its knees. But it can - if you don't get it under control. When varnish settles into sensitive areas of your machinery, it can cause everything from premature failures to erratic component operation. Even a small amount in critical systems can force your plant to shut down for repairs or periodic cleanings, and cost you tens of thousands or more in lost revenues.

Problems caused by sludge and varnish.

The symptoms of varnish in your lube systems include:

  • Sticking and seizing valves
  • Overheated bearings
  • Decreased effectiveness of heat exchangers
  • Increased wear on valves and other components
  • Shortened life of lubricant, filters and seals
  • Impaired equipment functionality
  • Increased maintenance and associated costs
  • Decreased reliability and availability