Spark Free Filters

Electrostatic Spark Discharge is a growing problem for lubricants.
Why do we see this problem on the rise?

Today's advanced equipment designs are pushing lubricants with higher velocity than ever before. With a focus on cleanliness, oils are squeezing through tighter filtration. And today's formulated products incorporating Group II and III basestocks have significantly lower conductivity values than previous formulations. All of these factors lead to a much greater chance of electrostatic spark discharge occurring in your systems.

Sparks reach temperatures of greater than 10,000C. That is not good for the oil. Antioxidant packages deplete and degradation products are produced. This translates to a shorter lubricant life and the creation of problems such as sludge and varnish. In addition, holes in the filter media are produced, significantly lowering the efficiency of the filter.