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  • Fluitec ESP Lubricant Varnish Solution

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  • A Well Oiled Machine thanks to ESP

    We all appreciate a well oiled machine. Turbine and compressor oils however degrade producing varnish, sludge and deposits. This causes component failures, impacting plant reliability and availability. Fluitec's ESP system is a unique solution that removes degradation products and varnish precursors in critical oils, allowing you to maximize the life of your lubricant without fear of trips, sticky servo valves, plugged oil orifices or bearing deposits. Learn how ESP will help your systems run more efficiently! Because, who doesn't appreciate a well oiled machine?

  • The Evolution of Varnish Removal Systems

    More sensitive equipment, higher stress environments and newer types of lubricants are some of the reasons that sludge and varnish has become a growing concern throughout many industries. Sludge and varnish deposits are derived from oil degradation by-products, however unlike other contaminants like dirt, water and air, oil degradation products require new technologies to extract. Many new technologies have been developed to remove these soft contaminants that lead to varnish, however their success depends upon the application and chemistry of the deposit.

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