TriboAnalytics SaaS

Fluitec Wind's novel SaaS platform is designed to help turbine operators utilize existing data streams to significantly reduce costs and guide decision making.

We aggregate data from tens of thousands of turbines globally to create recommendations with unparalleled accuracy as compared to even the largest fleets. We have mastered the nuances of utilizing genetic, operational, and diagnostic data streams to optimize accuracy. Operators can finally identify at-risk components in advance and understand the causes and solutions to their elevated risks. Our platform is the lens through which operators can best forecast the health and reliability of their fleet.

Targeting Optimal Products and Services

More so than almost any other industrial market, each wind turbine has unique impacts from operational and environmental conditions. Thus there are no 'one-size-fits-all' products. The ability of data mining to utilize the unique conditions and issues on a turbine basis allows us to pinpoint optimal reliability strategies, products and services. Through Tribo-Analytics, wind operators have a proven, high ROI tool to choose products, services, and suppliers for optimal turbine performance. Operators can evaluate mitigation options and plan their interventions according to the specific configurations and reliability experience of a large, multi-fleet database.